The Original 

So if you want to learn how to make The Original then keep on reading.

 when we got started Mrs. Liv told us to make a pencil holder and I didn’t know hot to make it so I thought sculptor like and I got an idea, then after we got done well I was half done but My sculpture looked fine but anyways after that she told us to mush it and make it to a ball again and I was pretty sad cause I loved that one but I had to do it, so then she told us to make a new one and then after that she told us to mush it again then she said to make the final pencil holder, so after that I had lots of idea to make it cause of the earlier ones so that’s why she told us to mush them.

Now I will tell you how to make The Original, So first you take a full bowl of play dough and make it to a ball and if you want your pencil holder tall then you can roll it and I rolled it a little bit so it can show all the pencils. Then you stick your thumb inside the play dough and make sure it doesn’t go all the way down or else your pencil will fall out, so after that you put your thumb back inside it and you four fingers outside it and round it so you can fit as many pencil as you like, then after that you make your shape and make sure yours is not tilting or else your pencils will fall, so after you make your shape you can get a different coloured play dough and this is optional but I did it so you can cover up your cracks with it or you can just put it in like a design, and then I made a earser holder if you want to put your earser on, then your done with your pencil holder and if you want to revise your pencil holder you can by smoothing away the cracks so it will look nicer it if you don’t have cracks you can just add more designs to it. Now your done with your own Original!!.

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