Student lead conference 

 Dear parents,

Thank you so much for coming to my student lead conference especially because you have to miss some work, but I’m glad you came.

So this past week I’ve been preparing for this student lead conference. I have made a continuum for my behaviour in school, a grit scale, and a science assessment on water hyacinths. I’ve noticed a difference between my first semester and now. What I noticed was that I’m more caring and think about people and their opinion.

In the grit survey I noticed again that I am caring and also that I’m a hard worker. I wasn’t a 1 or a 5. (1 is the lowest scale) (5 is the highest scale) I basically discovered that I am a caring person, and also I have a belonging need.

  And if you have any questions about my school life, well today your questions will be answered.



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