Delhi Out and about experience 

In the time I have been in Delhi Out and about, I have learned so much about my host country that I didn’t know of, and I got to learn about the history of India in class too.

 On our field trips we also learned about India on the field trips too I was quite fascinated how I didn’t know some of the things that I learned in class since I have been here for awhile in India. The metro ride was a really nice experience, I have never been to the metro ride in Delhi or in India ever and, that was my first time ever going to one, it was SUPER fun, I played games with my friends and we just had so much fun. 

The projects that I have made in Delhi out and about did also make me learn about Delhi too because I had to do a research on Delhi and like the history about Delhi too, and the kings, gods, rulers, in Delhi. We also had to make an Imove about Gandhi and I learned more personal facts about Gandhi by doing the projects. We also had to make a kahoot about topics that our teacher give us and then at the end of the day we get to play the kahoot that people have made and it’s a really fun game and it’s just fun.

So that’s all we basically did in Delhi Out and about and I do really like this class and it is a fun class and a fun experience about Delhi.

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