SLC Tech

As a tech person, I’ve learned how to do info graphic things.

For example, like I learned how to make posters and how to like do things with photos.

Another example, I learned a lot of new things like how to take icons and use them in your poster and stuff like that.

After reflecting on my work in tech, I realize that sometimes I get so intimidated by all the new things I learned and I sort of get off task and try all sorts of crazy stuff, but then I go back to my task. So I should probuly just stay on task even though I get so intimidated.

My infographic poster.

SLC social studies

As a social studiest, I’ve learned that in the past people were very cruel, and they still are. And the future & past are different.

For example, January’s sparrow, people were treating black people very badly, like hitting them and turning them into slaves.

Another example, now we rarely have slaves and we don’t whip and we don’t whip anybody.

After reflecting on my work in social studies, I realize that I don’t really give good evidence. To fix that I should maybe research my topic after reading it.

  The book January’s Sparrow.

SLC science

As a scientist, I’ve learned that tigers are very fasinating.

For example, when I chose tiger as my topic I obviously researched about them, and I found so many facts about them.

Another example, I also read books about them, I thought I knew a lot about them, but turns out that I just know the basics about them.

After reflecting on my work in science, I realize sometimes when I’m jotting about my topic, I sometimes write information that is not needed. To fix that problem, I should probuly ignore those facts and write the important ones.

Oh and I also made a model of it. And this is my model for my topic Tigers.

SLC math #2

As a mathametician, I’ve learned to show a strong proof with a model.

For example, sometimes I didn’t show my strong proof and then when people look at my notebook, they will get confused.

Another example, like when you just write numbers and stuff, and you have no strong proof, then people won’t get what you did and they will get confused, they need to see a strong proof. It happened to me once, I forgot to show my strong proof and I showed it to the teacher without knowing.

After reflecting on my work in math, I realize that again need to practice on my mathematical practice by using tools in a smart way to explore and understand math.



SLC math

As a mathematician, I’ve learned how to multiply and divide fractions easily.

For example, I used to try to multiply my fractions while using my models but I got confused and didn’t know what to do next. But then Ms. Marina taught me and now I can do it easily.

Another example, I didn’t understand and persever I just moved on. And it was hard for me. But now since Ms. Marina taught me it, and now the problems are much easier for me.

After reflecting on my work in math, I realize that sometimes my calculations are not correct and sometimes I don’t check it and I get the problem wrong. To fix the problem I should always check on my calculations before I show it to a teacher, and also I could check my calculations with a different strategie.

This is the math practice I have to work on.

SLC writing

As a writer, I’ve learned how to write a lead with an open question.

For example, My first draft didn’t start with an open question, but then I learned about it and used it in my final draft.

Another example, I usually started my lead a little boring, but then I did an open question lead and then the lead caught me and I wanted to read more myself so the open question hooks the reader.

After reflecting on my work in writing, I realize that sometimes with my lead I don’t really make it a little mysterious like make the readers guess what I’m talking about, like Arshi did, and then tell them what I’m talking about in the next paragraph.

This is my draft which I used the open question on.

Reading SLC

As a reader I have learned to keep jotting about main ideas, you find main ideas when the whole story is leading to something, and that something is a main idea. And also I learned to keep jotting about important facts.

For example, when ever I read and come across an important information, that’s only when I jot. To find important information like it has to be related to the topic and information people maybe don’t know.

Another example, when I read a non-fiction book about tigers, there were a lot of information for my topic, but I wanted the information that maybe people didn’t know and that’s important. 

After reflecting on my work in reading, I realize that I don’t really jot the names of my books in my reading log. So to fix that I’m gonna leave my reading log on my desk for reading before I forget to jot my book title.

  This is one of my books which I only jotted the important information about.

Student lead conference 

 Dear parents,

Thank you so much for coming to my student lead conference especially because you have to miss some work, but I’m glad you came.

So this past week I’ve been preparing for this student lead conference. I have made a continuum for my behaviour in school, a grit scale, and a science assessment on water hyacinths. I’ve noticed a difference between my first semester and now. What I noticed was that I’m more caring and think about people and their opinion.

In the grit survey I noticed again that I am caring and also that I’m a hard worker. I wasn’t a 1 or a 5. (1 is the lowest scale) (5 is the highest scale) I basically discovered that I am a caring person, and also I have a belonging need.

  And if you have any questions about my school life, well today your questions will be answered.