Two strengths I have in organising is…

I write what I need to do on paper and then check it off when I’m done.

I do my Homework first when I reach my house.

Two areas for growth…

I think I should probably organise my locker more because sometimes when I’m in a rush I just stuff things in my locker.

I think I should get things ready for my bag in the morning instead of doing it all in the morning.

One goal I have for the next 6 weeks is…

To organise my locker every one week or every time I get a chance so it’s still neat and tidy for me to get my stuff and go to my class in time.

Delhi Out and about experience 

In the time I have been in Delhi Out and about, I have learned so much about my host country that I didn’t know of, and I got to learn about the history of India in class too.

 On our field trips we also learned about India on the field trips too I was quite fascinated how I didn’t know some of the things that I learned in class since I have been here for awhile in India. The metro ride was a really nice experience, I have never been to the metro ride in Delhi or in India ever and, that was my first time ever going to one, it was SUPER fun, I played games with my friends and we just had so much fun. 

The projects that I have made in Delhi out and about did also make me learn about Delhi too because I had to do a research on Delhi and like the history about Delhi too, and the kings, gods, rulers, in Delhi. We also had to make an Imove about Gandhi and I learned more personal facts about Gandhi by doing the projects. We also had to make a kahoot about topics that our teacher give us and then at the end of the day we get to play the kahoot that people have made and it’s a really fun game and it’s just fun.

So that’s all we basically did in Delhi Out and about and I do really like this class and it is a fun class and a fun experience about Delhi.

Digital Citizenship


  1. One thing is that you should keep your iPad safe and try not to get its broken and stuff.

    2. Secondly we were talking about balence between technology and our normal life, like don’t use too much technology, and they gave us a test about if we use technology too much.
   3. Lastly we were talking about keeping your identity safe between strangers, and also not telling people your password to anything even your friends, like if your friends know your password to example email and there mad at you, they write mean stuff to everyone on your contact list and then everyone will think it’s you so yeah.