We were about to have a holiday party, and parents were coming inside the classroom, Mrs. Marina was counting down to 0, “5,4,3,2,1..” ” whoooooshhhhh!!!!!” The water came pouring down  like a monsoon inside our class, and I checked outside if there was rain but there wasn’t a single rain drop so it was the water pipe. It never stopped pouring and pouring so we had to move somewhere else to stay. The classroom was draining with water everywhere, I felt kinda weird cause that never really happens to classrooms and it happened today.

My writing essay for, NO UNFAIR DETAINMENT!!

                                            No Unfair Detainment!                          “I believe that people can speak for themselves and not just be detained.”Because people are allowed to speak for themselves before they are detained.One Day I came home and suddenly my dad grounded me for no reason and that day I came back from a dinner with my cousins and sister and didn’t really give me and my sister a reason why he grounded us, and being grounded is like jail to me.
      I believe from human rights that there should be no one detained without a reason or let them speak at least for themselves, because they get sad and confused, and maybe they did something for a reason but they can’t speak and they don’t have the voice because nobody actually follows human rights so make the human rights true and read along this book.
     One reason is that they feel sad, confused, and lonely. For example, pretend your in prison right now and have no idea why they put you in prison, how would you feel? Probably sad lonely or confused right? So that’s why you shouldn’t just be put in prison like that.

Also, you can’t just put someone in jail like that with no reason, like what if they are innocent and not supposed to be in jail and have been mistaken but other people don’t know because you can’t speak for yourself.


    Another reason, is that they can speak for themselves so why can’t they? I have an answer to that,and it is because for example,the people who detain them won’t let them speak because they think there really guilty, and they think they will make up fake stories about why, but the stories might be true, so just let them speak once and see if you think it’s true, don’t just detain them and let them be sad, tell them what they did and let them see if they’re the ones who did it.
     And finally, by the way I got this from an article from newsela,okay back to the example,they might have done something bad for good, like for example, there is a man from Mexico had been sentenced to jail for 22 years because he shot his neighbor, before you say that he should deserve jail but he actually did it for self defence and nobody would believe him because they didn’t let him talk, so now he has to go to jail for 22 years for doing nothing, but the guy after 9 years got to speak for himself and he got free early, after 10 years of prison he got to speak on the 9th year and got free on the 10th because of his supporters. But it’s SO UNFAIR!! Cause he got imprisoned for self defence.
     That’s why NO UNFAIR DETAINMENT!!!, they get sad and confused and don’t know what they did wrong that shouldn’t happen, tell them what they did and see if they’re guilty or not, let’s make the human rights real and not just a writing on a piece of paper.

Child labor is WRONG!!!

I think child labor is wrong, it’s sad and the children who are working probably wants to cry everyday cause there going to do that for about there whole life.

For sadness I used the colour blue because, the colour blue reminds me of sadness. And for crying I drew tear drops. 

And I made black bumps because they have to work there whole life and nothing new probably happens in there life.


The Day Of The Dead. Made by:  Nisha, Sarah and Jigme

      The Day of the Dead is a three day holiday when the dead are honored. Mexicans believe that their loved ones’ spirits come back on the third Day of the Dead. On the first day, they prepare. They set up altars and put things on it. They put pictures of their loved ones and favourite things they liked on the altar. They put salt on the altar to keep away the bad spirits. They also put their favourite foods and drinks of their loved ones. They also put dirt and water on the altar for the lands and waters they have traveled over. Papier-mâché skulls are put on the altars, and they are called sugar skulls.

     On the second day, they remember the little kids. It is called the day of the little angels. In Mexico lots of children 5 and under die of diseases, so the second day of this holiday is dedicated to them. They do the same thing that happened on the Day of the Dead, which is the third day.  the people who’s children died celabrate it though.

     On the third day, mexicans stay up all night and sing songs and  at there love ones tomb stones. If you guys don’t know that the Day of the Dead IS NOT A MEXICAN HALLOWEEN!! It’s a celebration of the life’s of the loved ones who have passed. They put out the floweres of the dead, marigolds, on their loved ones tombstones, and they also paint there faces and have fun.

     Here are some sentences about the altar that are in Spanish:

 – Hay flores amarillas y anaranjadas, el cempasúchil es una flor amarilla y anaranjada.                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

– Fruta y flores decoran un altar.

– Hay calavera de azúcar.

– Hay comidas especiales. 

– Hay cala as graciosas.


     Here are some pictures of what they do at El Día De Los Muertos.
      And that is,  El Día De Los Muertos.

Math Practices

Today we had to do Math Practices and we had to take pictures of some pages of our notebook which is adds up with the writing of the Practices. So I finished all my Practices and then. I toke screen shots of two Practices and now I’m posting it on my blog.